Product Definition

What is wireless CPE?

The full name of CPE is customer premise equipment, which is used to receive wifi signal, like wireless router, wireless station and it is widely used in village, towns, hospital, companies, factories and offices, etc.

It is always desired that wireless signal coverage should be as llarge as possible. However, in fact the distance of wireless signal is also decided by customer terminal. The standard wifi terminal upload power is around 15dbm. No matter how large the power of wireless stations is, it is restricted because of terminal power, which leads to the limited distance coverage. Wireless CPE is specialized terminal to receive and send wifi signal, and it is 4 times better than normal WiFi terminal.

In actual usage, un-blocked area is rare. With help of wireless CCPE, the wireless coverage is extended to 1KM-5KM. It helps a lot to save fiber and labor costs at areas where fiber installation is either impossible or too costly.

Wireless CPE working mode

Wireless cpe mode is also called wireless repeater mode, which is to deal with weak signal, receive, magnify and send, so as to extend the coverage of the signal. For example, our laptop has signal at window while loses it after going inside. In this case we need place an wireless device to repeat and send the signal.

Controller Function (CPE mode)

Built-in NAT

Built-in DHCP Server

Built-in DDNS/DNS client

Bandwidth management: restrict WAN bandwidth of upload and download

Client connection control: let WISP remotely activate or deactivate CPE

IP/Port redirection and DMZ

Security function

Encryption: WEP (64/128-bits)、WPA/WPA2 with TKIP or AES-CCMP


Built-in 802.1X authenticator

Support TKIP/CCMP/AES key refreshing period

Support IEEE 802.11 hybrid mode, open and shared key certification

Support ESSID hiding

Support client isolation

Support WDS encryption

Login page

Web interface management

Support remote management and set

Support remote software updating

Support factory reset by software

Support backup and restore

Support 2 level admin account under CEP mode (root and admin)


Support NTP

Support Syslog

Support event log

Support Radius

Support total transmission encountered and transmitting error statistics


Specially designed for multi-purpose and areas as below

Office, dormitory, apartment

School, company, factory as wireless AP

Restaurant  as wireless AP

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